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Name's Az Been Makin Beats For A MIn Been On This Site For A Min Fuck The Hater's Votin Shit Down All The Time

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<a href="http://boof.freehostia.com">http://boof.freehostia.com</a>

Who the hell are you? I've never even spoken to you before, why are you spamming my page?

Look me in my eyes and ask me if I care which group you're art of. I don't care if you're part of the freakin' Secret Service, all I did was give a single bad review! Get over yourselves!!

All you do is prove your own arrogance and stupidity. You have no power over me, no control, no fear. I can say whatever the hell I want to, you can only make it so you can't see what I type. Go ahead and do it, take the coward's way out. Act like you win, because in reality you lose. Ejony your failure of a life.

And stop treating me like a girl, I'm a guy. Go paint your own nails, gaywad.

This homo etheral is a girl, thats why your treated like one lol. And this homo talking about spelling and she cant even spell &quot;enjoy&quot;. I never heard of ejony lol, dumbass fucking kid dont have room to talk lol

Yeah, I admit I misspelled &quot;enjoy&quot;. I was typing fast and didn't notice it until after I left the comment. One spelling mistake versus a few hundred spelling mistakes, you still lose there. That, and this little mess started over one lousy review, so I say this now:
Screw you freaks I have better things to do. Honestly I don't care how you insult me, all you do is make me laugh at your stupidity. You cant even find my real name, let alone my adress, so there's no way you could ever possibly pose a real threat to me or my family. If you ever do somehow find me, you still can't hurt me. Just shut up already, get over the bad review and move on. Honestly, just get over it. Feel free to tell me what you think of me on my page, none of you are banned. Go ahead and make yourselves look like bigger fools. That's all you'll do.

Adios, homos!

wow if u have better things to do why did u leave a comment that nobody cares about

Because you suck. Do I need a better reason?

She must of been waiting for one of us to talk shit again. I posted that last comment like 5-6 days ago lol. All i do is laugh at this fool cuz she isn't shit on newgrounds. &quot;Screw you freaks&quot; lol. That shit cracks me up. Ay aztec, just imagine her saying that in person. &quot;Screw you freaks&quot; lol. I cant help it lol. Did your mom help you type that last one because the one before that was all messed up. I told you to stop your mom from hacking into peoples account lol. Plus she cant never find a better reson, all she do is repeat the same thing over and over. The newest one I heard was &quot;screw you freaks&quot;, which is the funniest thing i ever heard in my life.

yo this fagot said i suck this mutha fucka is still on my dick (no homo) and j boi u needs ta send me that every girls kiss me though tha fone beat im working on a cd and its gonna be ill