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Yo NG People

2010-01-04 07:04:04 by aztec1448

It's The Fuckin New Year If U Wanna Collab Hit Me Up If U Wanna Beat Battle Hit Me Up If U Wanna Get Ripped Apart In A Rap Battle Hit Me Up . HERE'S SOME FUCKED UP SHIT TO START THE YEAR OFF WITH ITS FUCKIN CRAZY TAKE OUT THA SPACE'S IF NEEDED <a href="
26474/Dong-torturing_dickschwitz/ HERES THE NEXT ick_fucking_Chinese_dudes_throw_a_live _cat_into_a_room_full_of_hungry_rats/ ANOTHER e_balls_should_not_be_used_as_stepping _stools/ . NOW HERES A fight s_get_into_a_brutal_fight_in_the_middl e_of_a_parking_lot/


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2010-01-07 07:02:33

that cat video.... is.... sick..... lol


2011-06-16 00:54:05

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She starts crying at the end.